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Introduction to Foamseal

Between 50 and 70% of hurricane losses are caused by roof failures and water intrusion through the roof after the roof covering fails. Every hurricane that strikes land produces millions of dollars of losses due to roof system failures major problems will continue to exist for building owners, occupants and insurance companies if effective mitigation options to strengthen and waterproof existing roof systems have been very limited.

To help reduce losses, building codes were changed by revising nailing paterns to increase uplift resistance of the roof sheathing. Significant attention common in hurricane prone areas now. However, the new codes do not address roof deck waterproofing.

The big problem is the existing inventory of vulnerable single family, multifamily and condominiums that are in hurricane prone coastal states from Texas to New England. In Florida for example, more than 80% of the state's 18 million population lives wtihin 5 miles of the gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, there are thousands of commercial buildings in the same "strike zone" that represent even greater potential for losses.

So what can be done to reduce hurricane-induced losses caused by roof failures and water intrusion in both new and existing wood roof structures?

Install Foamseal Hurricane Adhesive

Product Information

Foamseal Hurricane Adhesive is a moisture Sealing Foamed Polyurethane Sheathing Adhesive which is spray applied from inside the attic to the under-side of the roof structure. The product is applied to the truss (or rafter) sheathing joints and the sheathing seams. Foamseal can be applied to both new construction adn existing roof structures.

The use of Foamseal Hurricane Adhesive is a cost-effective method of reducing wind and water losses associated with hurricanes and other high wind and rain events. When applied in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, losses can be reduced up to 50% in residential structures. Almost any roof structure consisting of wood framing members and OSB(Oriented Strand Board) or Plywood is a candiate for the application of Foamseal Hurricane Adhesive

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